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Fructose Dispenser, Automatic Syrup Dispenser WantJoin Stainless Steel 2.11 Gal


WantJoin Automatic Fructose Dispenser, 8000CC/ 2.11GAL Stainless Steel Syrup Dispenser Bubble Tea Equipment Fructose Quantitative Machine 110V. To prevent the sugar mouth blocked, can not directly put sucrose, coarser sugar into the liner. We provide you with professional English manual with operation instruction and maintenance methods. Removable leaky, easy to clean. This automatic fructose dispenser […]

10L Fructose Quantitative Equipment Dispenser Machine Stainless Steel 110V 350W


10L 350W 110V Bubble Tea Equipment Fructose Quantitative Machine Fructose Dispenser. Fructose machine for pearl milk tea shop special fructose quantitative equipment, can quantify a variety of different types of sugar. Simple and convenient to use, but also help to improve the efficiency of work. 19.3″13.8″16.9(43cm35cm49cm). 13.9lb(6.3kg). Product Features & Advantages. Stereo constant temperature technology, […]